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Break free from the burden of monthly bills

Get cash that goes directly towards an essential cause – your monthly bills. With every receipt you snap, you get cash in your ZIPZERO wallet to pay your essential monthly bills.

Don't change a thing

With ZIPZERO you are free to shop and snap your receipts at any merchant. There's no need to change your shopping habits or switch utility providers. Earn cash towards your bills every month by doing what you've already been doing all along.


Snap your receipts...

ZIPZERO gives you 0.5% of the value of any purchase every time you snap a photo of your receipt:

  • any receipt
  • for any purchase
  • at any shop

...and zip your bills down to zero

Get up to £50 each month to pay your utility bills of choice:

  • any bill
  • from any provider
  • at any time

Utility bills include: electricity, gas, water, Internet, phone bill and council tax


The privacy of your data is of utmost importance

We pride ourselves on keeping our privacy and data protection policies transparent. We put you in control so you can reap the rewards of your everyday shopping directly. We will not share or sell your data to an external company. The only way we use your data is to optimise our special offers to cater to your specific shopping needs. ZIPZERO is the rewards app whose currency is peace of mind.

About us

We founded ZIPZERO because we wanted to find a way to help households get out of the rut of making ends meet. When we started building our first business, we were thirty-something entrepreneurs working tirelessly to make our company and our relationships thrive. Having the burden of bill payment hanging over our families made us all the more determined to tackle the issue. What became all the more clear was that we wanted to find a way to help everyone else break free from the burden of monthly bills. For us, paying zero for our monthly bills is everything.


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ZIPZERO is a mobile app aimed at helping households break free from the burden of monthly bills. Use the app to snap photos of any and all receipts to get at least 0.5% of each transaction into your ZIPZERO wallet. But unlike other cashback services, we put your rewards directly towards your bills. You can use the funds you’ve earned to help cover essential utility bills like electricity, gas, telephone, internet, tv or council tax every month.

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIPZERO App, use a valid email address to sign up. You can then start snapping your receipts right away to earn cash towards your monthly bills. Any purchase you make over the course of your day - large or small - helps you earn cash towards your bills simply by scanning your receipt. The App lets you use your phone’s camera to scan the receipt (any receipt from any UK-based retailer) to earn at least 0.5% of its value towards direct bill payment. You can add a biller and make a payment at any time simply by adding your biller’s account details and clicking a button. You can earn up to £50 each month to pay any bill of your choosing (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, tv or council tax).

ZIPZERO aims to establish the world’s only holistic transactional platform dedicated to helping our users pay their monthly bills. Together with our retail partners we have created a virtuous circle of user consumption. We reward you for your ongoing purchases made in collaboration with ZIPZERO by enabling a direct transfer of your ongoing spend towards your fixed monthly bills. ZIPZERO enables this transfer of value within your household as we are able to provide retailers with an alternative to the narrow scope of distribution channels available by providing users with access to the products and services they’re looking for.

Our priority is to protect our users’ personal information. You can be certain that we will never sell or otherwise sell your data. The only information required to sign up to ZIPZERO is a valid email address. After that, any data we collect on your purchasing habits is only used to tailor your shopping experience and present you with personalised offers that let you earn even more cash towards your bills. If you’d like to find out more about how we protect your personal data - please see our Privacy Policy.

Simply use the funds you have available in your ZIPZERO wallet to cover as much of your bill as you wish. You can transfer the difference directly to your biller’s account using any other method accepted by your service provider. Depending on the size of your bill and the value of your scanned receipts, you can cover your bill in part or in full. Our goal is to continue to grow our app so that we can help our customers to pay as close to zero as possible for any or all of their monthly obligations.


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