How does Online Shopping work?

November 22, 2021

We answer some of your most common questions regarding the new & improved online shopping feature.

1. Search for an offer or a preferred retailer

We purposely opted for a search function so that our users could have the freedom to shop with the retailer of their choice. We find that people have their own preferences in terms of where they like to shop, rather than being overloaded with irrelevant offers. 

And so, when you enter the online shopping tab, you will see a search bar at the top. You can start your shopping by searching for a particular offer, category or shop in the main menu of the online shopping tab of the app. This allows us to narrow down the list of offers we have available and give you more of what you are actually looking for.






2. Select the shop of your choice

Your search results will present you with a premium offer from your selected shop or a similar offer from one of our other partners. In this case, you will be presented with WHSmith as on this screen.

For your convenience, we have added links to a few of the biggest retailers that are not (yet) our partners. You can find these retailers using the search bar at the top of the page and they will appear under the ZIPZERO logo. If the retailer you are looking for pops up on the page, click the link to go directly to their website. We will send you a reminder to forward your purchase confirmation after you have completed your shopping trip. Then you will be able to earn a Base Reward of 0.5% on this non-partner purchase. In the future, we hope to secure partnerships with these retailers to offer you Premium Rewards for your shopping. For example, this is the case with ASDA, as you will see on the second screen.


IMG_1985.PNG  IMG_1986.PNGIf your preferred retailer does not show up at all, you can still earn your base 0.5% reward for sharing your shopping receipts by scanning receipts or sharing your purchase confirmations for shopping online with non-partner retailers. Simply click on the button below the BASE ZIPZERO OFFER before going on to shop at the online retailer of your choice. 





3. Click the offer link to proceed with your shopping


Click on your selected offer to start your shopping. Make sure to click the offer and initiate your shopping trip via the app. Otherwise, we won’t be able to track your purchase and make sure the retailer pays out the commission fee that is the basis of your Premium Rewards. 

You can continue your shopping right away by clicking on the button marked GET THIS OFFER NOW

Or you can save this offer in the app and come back to it later on your mobile device or your desktop computer by clicking on the button marked SHOP ON DESKTOP. 

Again, if your preferred retailer is not shown, you can still earn a Base Reward of 0.5%. 

If your retailer is not shown, simply continue your shopping trip by clicking on the button marked CONTINUE WITH ZIPZERO. You will then arrive at the Google home screen where you can complete your shopping trip with your chosen retailer. 


4. Check out with the same link

IMG_1988.PNGPlease make sure you complete your purchase with partner retailers via the link generated within the ZIPZERO app. Please make sure you have completed every step of your purchase using this dedicated link. If you complete your purchase using a link from another reward platform or affiliate site, we will not receive the commission from the retailer (this commission makes up the basis of your Reward Units, so without this commission, your reward cannot be paid out). 

Once you have saved and sent yourself the offer link via message or email, you can come back to it at any time within the next 7 days.







5. Forward the purchase confirmation or receipt from the retailer to your dedicated ZIPZERO email address. 

This is the final step to make sure your Reward Units are added to your ZIPZERO wallet. 

Once you have completed and paid for your purchase, forward your official purchase confirmation via the dedicated email address generated for you within the app. 

Your dedicated email address is shown on the offer page. Simply click the button to COPY your address and paste it into the ‘to’ field of your email address bar. 




Please make sure the confirmation includes all the product details for your purchase as it will serve as your ‘digital receipt’. This step is required for your reward to be added to your ZIPZERO wallet. Please do not forward any other documents or screenshots as they will not be valid for this purpose. We reserve the right to cancel any purchase confirmation that is shown to be invalid or fraudulent. 

You can review your Shop Visits to check that your purchase confirmation has been received and validated. You can find all your Receipts, Shop Visits and Confirmations on the main screen of the app. You can also use the Filter to search for any receipt, shop visit or confirmation. 

6. You’re all set!

Once you have sent your purchase confirmation, your Reward Units will appear in your ZIPZERO wallet as ‘pending’. They will become ‘available’ for bill payment once the grace period has passed. The grace period varies from offer, based on processing, delivery times and the terms of returns and exchanges set by the partner merchant. For Premium Reward Units, the grace period can be found in the offer details.