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What is ZIPZERO?

ZIPZERO is a mobile app aimed at helping households break free from the burden of monthly bills. Use the app to snap photos of any and all receipts to get at least 1% of each transaction into your ZIPZERO wallet. But unlike other cashback services, we put your rewards directly towards your bills. You can use the funds you’ve earned to help cover essential utility bills like electricity, gas, telephone, internet, tv or council tax every month.

Who is ZIPZERO for?

If you’re a resident of the UK over 18 years and own a smartphone with iOS 10.0 (and above) or Android 5.0 (and above), we’re here to help you cover some of your most burdensome monthly expenses. The app is for anyone who’s looking for a clever way to squeeze a bit more out of their household budget without changing any of their shopping habits.

Do I have to pay for using ZIPZERO?

Absolutely not. ZIPZERO is here to help you pay the bills. By scanning your everyday shopping receipts, you can earn up to 50 GBP per month to cover your monthly expenses. The more receipts you scan, the more cash you earn towards your bills.

Where does the money to pay my bills come from?

ZIPZERO aims to establish the world’s only holistic transactional platform dedicated to helping our users pay their monthly bills. Together with our retail partners we have created a virtuous circle of user consumption. We reward you for your ongoing purchases made in collaboration with ZIPZERO by enabling a direct transfer of your ongoing spend towards your fixed monthly bills. ZIPZERO enables this transfer of value within your household as we are able to provide retailers with an alternative to the narrow scope of distribution channels available by providing users with access to the products and services they’re looking for.

What about my personal data?

Our priority is to protect our users’ personal information. You can be certain that we will never sell or otherwise sell your data. The only information required to sign up to ZIPZERO is a valid email address. After that, any data we collect on your purchasing habits is only used to tailor your shopping experience and present you with personalised offers that let you earn even more cash towards your bills. If you’d like to find out more about how we protect your personal data - please see our Privacy Policy.

How do I use the App?

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIPZERO App, use a valid email address to sign up. You can then start snapping your receipts right away to earn cash towards your monthly bills. Any purchase you make over the course of your day - large or small - helps you earn cash towards your bills simply by scanning your receipt. The App lets you use your phone’s camera to scan the receipt (any receipt from any UK-based retailer) to earn at least 1% of its value towards direct bill payment. You can add a biller and make a payment at any time simply by adding your biller’s account details and clicking a button. You can earn up to £50 each month to pay any bill of your choosing (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, tv or council tax).


What kind of receipts can I scan?

You can scan a receipt of any purchase made at any shop in the UK. A receipt is only valid if it’s a purchase you’ve made yourself or another member of your household. We can only accept receipts for personal expenses. Any receipts for business or commercial purposes don’t quality for our receipt scanning programme. Receipts must be complete (meaning they contain all the relevant product details) and they must be scanned within 7 days of the purchase date. A credit/debit card payment confirmation will not be accepted.

What if I accidentally scan the same receipt twice?

ZIPZERO App runs on a very sophisticated receipt recognition technology that doesn’t allow for the same receipt to be scanned twice. If you end up scanning a receipt twice, the App will only accept the first scan into the system.

Can I wait to scan all of my receipts at the end of the month?

We recommend scanning receipts as close to the purchase date as possible - we offer a maximum of 7 days from the date of purchase for successful scanning into the App.

What if I scan a receipt for a purchase someone else made?

ZIPZERO’s rewards system is personalised. In other words, you may not scan receipts for purchases made by someone outside of your household as it would be a violation of our Terms of Use and may force us to void your receipt and possibly cancel your account. Please make note that the technology behind ZIPZERO analyses the receipts scanned into our system carefully and we our two-day receipt verification process is meant to weed out any potential misuse or fraud of our system. If we notice any unusual behaviour in the App, such as consistent multiple scans of the same receipt by one or multiple individuals, we will look closer at the users’ accounts and potentially cancel them based on a violation of our Terms.

Can I scan a receipt for a purchase made by someone else in my household?

Yes, you can. Although ZIPZERO’s rewards system is a personalised tool aimed at helping you cover the bills each month, we do allow households to work together on earning funds towards bill payment. However, if each user in your household manages their own account, then you can maximise the potential for earning rewards (in the form of bill payment) for your scanned receipts.

Is there a limit to how many receipts I can scan?

You can scan as many receipts as you like. There’s no set limit! Please keep in mind, however, that the current cap on the cash you can earn towards your bills each month is set at £50 so the total value of your scanned receipts should not exceed £5000 per month. You may, of course, continue scanning receipts over this limit in order to keep all your receipts in one place but you will not get more than 50 GBP towards your bills.


Can I have more than one account?

No, you can open only one account under your name.

Can several members of my household use the same account?

No. Your account is yours only. Your household members can give you their receipts to scan or they can set up their own accounts to earn even more cash towards their bills. Households can even hold competitions to see which family member can zip the most bills each month.

Is it possible to earn more than 1% cash towards my bills?

Not at the moment but we’re working on partnerships that will allow us to offer our users more and more towards their bills. Users will be able to opt into receiving offers tailored to their shopping preferences in exchange for a large percentage of cash rewards towards bill payment. Our goal is to help as many households as possible enjoy their peace of mind at the end of every month.

When do my funds become available after I’ve scanned a receipt?

We require two full business days from the time the receipt is scanned into the system for verification purposes. Immediately after your receipt has been processed in the App you will be awarded a set of Units that correspond to the current Reward Rules. The funds will firstl appear in your account as “Pending” Units. After the verification period, the status of your Units will change to “Available”. You can then use your “Available” Units at any time for any bill payment.

What are Units exactly?

The funds you earn via ZIPZERO are referred to as “Units” until the moment you decide to use them for direct bill payment. At that time, we will transfer the corresponding amount of GBP to your biller following your confirmation command. Each unit that appears in your ZIPZERO wallet is equivalent to £1.

Units that are awarded to your account fall under the status of either pending, available or cancelled.

(a) Pending: Units earned just after a receipt is scanned are given the status of pending up until the verification period expires. The verification period is calculated from the moment the receipt has been successfully processed within the App. You cannot redeem pending Units for a Reward.

(b) Available: after the verification period has passed and the validity of the receipt has been verified, the status of pending Units is automatically upgraded to available. You can use these units for direct bill payment at any time.

(c) Cancelled: in rare cases, we reserve the right to cancel pending or available Units if our verification system determines you are in breach of these Terms, particularly in the case of fraud or misuse of the App.

For more information on the current Reward Rules, see the Appendix to the Terms of Service.

How do I know how much funds have I in my wallet for bill payment?

Simply open up the App. The “Wallet” section of the App displays the current status of your pending and available units at a glance. All your scanned receipts are stored in your Wallet and you can find the relevant receipt scan for a given transaction by clicking the link in your receipt history.

Do my available funds ever expire?

The Available Units in your account are valid for three months from the date of purchase. If they are not used for bill payment in that period, they will be forfeited.


How do I pay my bill?

It’s very easy! You must first add the payment details for your biller of choice (eligible services: water, gas, electricity, telephone, TV, Internet and council tax). To add a biller, go to the “Bills” section of the App and click the “+ Add Biller” button. In the next section, you fill in the required details for processing your bill payment: the name of your Biller, their bank account and sort code or IBAN bank account number, along with your customer number for that particular service. When adding a new Biller within the App, you must provide us with accurate and current details routing details so that your payment can be processed successfully. Failure to provide us with the correct information for your Biller may delay your a Reward or block it entirely. Remember - you must never provide payment details for your own bank account or any third party other than your Biller. Doing so would constitute a misuse of the App and would mean we would have to cancel your account. To make a bill payment, just choose a Biller from your list, enter the amount of Available Units you’d like to use from your ZIPZERO wallet and confirm your payment. Couldn’t be simpler!

What if there’s not enough money in my ZIPZERO wallet to cover my entire bill?

Simply use the funds you have available in your ZIPZERO wallet to cover as much of your bill as you wish. You can transfer the difference directly to your biller’s account using any other method accepted by your service provider. Depending on the size of your bill and the value of your scanned receipts, you can cover your bill in part or in full. Our goal is to continue to grow our app so that we can help our customers to pay as close to zero as possible for any or all of their monthly obligations.

Is there a minimum amount of funds I have to gather before paying my bill with ZIPZERO?

Yes, at the moment you can not use less than £1 of ZIPZERO funds to pay your bills.

Is there a maximum amount of funds I can use to pay my bill with ZIPZERO?

Yes, the current limit you can earn towards your bills each month is £50. You decide what you do with your Available Funds. You can use them to pay a single bill in full or split the amount to cover several bills.


Can one household collect more than 50 pounds per month for their bills if each member has their own account?

Technically, yes. The £50/month limit applies to an individual user. The more accounts you have in your household, the larger the combined limit as your disposal. If your household spends a lot each month, you might consider opening accounts for multiple family members. However, each user must be a UK resident over 18 years of age with a valid email address. One person can only have one ZIPZERO account at a time.

Can I cash out my ZIPZERO funds?

No. We can’t transfer funds to you or any other private individual. We can only transfer funds to a verified Biller for a legitimate service: electricity, gas, telephone, Internet, TV and Council Tax.

Can I use my ZIPZERO funds to pay someone else's bill, i.e. a family member or someone in my community who could use some help?

No. Unless your family member is also a member of your household, you cannot use your ZIPZERO funds to pay their bills. ZIPZERO’s goal is to help households with their monthly financial obligations. It’s quite possible that in the future we will open up our system to allow users to contribute their funds to others in their community. In the meantime, we want our users to focus on using their funds to cover their own monthly obligations.

If I don’t want to use ZIPZERO anymore, how do I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account in the App you should contact us at contact@zipzero.com and submit your request. We reserve the right to delete your account in the App without prior notice if you have not interacted with the App for six consecutive months. We will notify you thereof to the email address associated with your account. Following the deletion of your account you will no longer be able to use the App and all earned Units (both pending and available) will be forfeited.