Apple Airpods Pro for £191…Impossible I hear you say

July 10, 2023


The partnership between Very and ZIPZERO offers an exciting opportunity to purchase Apple Airpods Pro for £191.

There came a time when I thought to myself that I deserved a set of Apple Airpods, I didn’t need them by any means but I just wanted them. So after a bit of research, and picking myself up off the floor due to the price of these ear phones, I realised that Apple never or very rarely discount their products. I set myself a challenge as I wasn’t going to pay £249 for some fancy ear phones, I didn’t care if they were made of diamonds, I couldn’t justify that kind of expenditure. I decided to hunt around for any different ways of receiving discounts plus being a loyal user of ZIPZERO, where it helps me earn cash rewards to help pay my bills, I thought I would maximise my discount and cash rewards using them. Here is what I did;

  1. Found that were giving 20% if you use their finance (this is subject to status, terms and conditions apply)
  2. I logged into my ZIPZERO app, to receive 3% cash rewards, typed in “very”, click through and searched for my Airpod Pros then put them in my basket.
  3. I applied for the finance, got accepted and placed my order.
  4. I then forwarded on my email sales confirmation to my unique ZIPZERO email address to earn my cash rewards.
  5. A few hours later I paid the finance off with my Chase card, which I was receiving 1% cashback with at the time with no penalty of extra fees.

It was as easy as that, Apple Air Pod Pros for £191, this is net cost after the cashback , cash rewards and discount I received. It was as easy as that.
As mentioned earlier, finance is subject to status, terms and conditions apply. Also please check the products that are excluded from the 20% finance reduction before you upset yourself.

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