Which Supermarket has the best value Christmas Dinner?

December 11, 2023

(4-minute read)

With the festive season approaching, people want to know which major supermarket has the best value Christmas dinner for five. Amidst rising living costs, finding an affordable feast is more important than ever. We know every penny is precious, so our experts combed through this data for you.

🎄 What’s in our Christmas Dinner for Five

1. Turkey Crown: approx. 2.5kg
2. Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls: x12
3. Maris Piper Potatoes: 2+kg
4. Parsnips: 1kg
5. Brussel Sprouts: 500g
6. Carrots: 1kg
7. Cauliflower: x1
8. Beef Gravy: approx 400g
9. Yorkshire Puddings: x12
10. Cranberry Sauce: 200g
11. Mince Pies: x6
12. Christmas Pudding: 800g

💡 Findings in a Nutcracker

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⛄ So how much does the Christmas Dinner cost?

£39.21: ASDA – and earn 4% with ZipZero (worth £1.57)
£40.77: Morrisons – and earn 1% with ZipZero (worth £0.41)
£45.65: Tesco – and earn 1% with ZipZero (worth £0.46)
£46.05: Sainsbury’s – and earn 1% with ZipZero (worth £0.46)

Asda is not only the cheapest option, you also get an extra 500g of potatoes. But whilst Asda wins the best value crown, everyone gains with ZIPZERO. 

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🎁 Our Complete Christmas Breakdown

  1. Turkey:
  2. Stuffing Balls (x12):
  3. Maris Piper Potatoes (at least 2kg):
  4. Parsnips (1kg):
  5. Brussels Sprouts (500g):
  6. Carrots (1kg):
  7. A Cauliflower:
  8. Gravy (400g):
  9. Yorkshire Puddings (x12):
  10. Cranberry Sauce (200g):
  11. Mince Pies (x6):
  12. Christmas Pudding (800g):

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