So... How does it work?

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Earn rewards each month to cover any utility bill payment you choose:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Council Tax

Get more info on how to use ZIPZERO to earn rewards on your everyday shopping and cover your monthly bills in our FAQs


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ZIPZERO’s mission is to help consumers monetise the enormous value in our shopping data. Every day, global giants like Google and Facebook track our transactional behaviour and earn cash by allowing retailers to target us online. Meanwhile, none of this wealth is shared with the owners of that data – the consumer. 

We started ZIPZERO in the belief that consumers have a right to some of the money that is earned on the back of our shopping data. We created a smart tool – the ZIPZERO app – to give everyone the ability to gain access to these funds. Furthermore, we wanted to put this money directly towards an essential cause – monthly bill payment. 

By sharing your shopping receipts with ZIPZERO, you also allow us to gain insights into your needs and preferences. Next, on the basis of the data you share, we can tailor special offers that are personalised so that you can easily find the products you want. 

Every time you shop with one of our retail partners and earn a premium reward, ZIPZERO earns a commission from processing the sale. We use the majority of this commission to cover the rewards you earn from sharing your data within the app. This is how we close the loop on a fair consumer exchange. 

ZIPZERO offers two types of Units:

1. Base Units (for sharing both in-store and online receipts):

– You will get 0.5% for sharing receipts and online confirmations connected to – shopping with our Premium Partners (both online and in-store).
– You will get 0.1% (£0.01 in value as a minimum) for sharing receipts or online confirmations which have not come from shopping with our Premium Partners.

2. Premium Units are earned by shopping with our dedicated retail partners – the value of this reward will vary depending on the particular offer selected within the app.

You can use both your base and premium reward units as soon as they are made ‘Available’. When you have accumulated at least £5 in ‘Available’ reward units, you can order payment of a bill to your chosen utility provider (Biller). 

You can add a biller and order payment at any time simply by adding your biller’s account details and clicking a button. There is no limit to the amount of ‘Available’ reward units you use for bill payment each month.  

Base Units (accumulated up until the 30th of Nov 2022) will change their status to ‘available’ towards a bill payment if you actively use the ZIPZERO app for 6 consecutive months:
– successfully scan at least 5 valid in-store receipts,
– or share with us at least 5 valid online purchase confirmations,
– or successfully use at least 5 online or in-store of our Premium Partner offers.
For users who stay active, we will release up to £10 from your pending balance on the 1st of each month (falling after the 31st of December 2022) – until those Base Units are depleted.

We want to help our Users to claim ownership of their anonymised marketing data and help them benefit from it by directly monetising and using it for an essential cause – lowering Users’ monthly bill payments. Together we can redirect the brand’s marketing budgets directly towards the end consumer, based on a mutual partnership within the ZIPZERO community.

When you start using the ZIPZERO app you start sharing with us your shopping transactions and related purchase details. We anonymise this data and use it in two ways:
1. We monetise the anonymised data by sharing it with our data partners
2. We build your shopping profile within the ZIPZERO app to bring you tailored Premium Offers. This is how together we generate much bigger rewards to help you pay your utility bills!

We pride ourselves on keeping our Privacy Policy transparent and we are committed to protecting your personal data. We will never sell your personal data to any third party without asking for your consent. Please remember, we will never provide anybody with your personal data, only anonymised aggregated data.

Please check our Privacy Policy for more – if at any point we change our Privacy Policy, we will keep users informed about the details and purpose of those changes.

No. ZIPZERO rewards are strictly reserved for making bill payments. ZIPZERO does not allow the transfer of funds to you or any other private individual via Paypal or bank transfer. Funds can only be transferred to a verified Biller for a legitimate service: electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet, TV and Council Tax.

No. ZIPZERO is free to use via the app that is available on both iOS and Android. 

Still have a question? Check out our Help Centre here or write to us directly via [email protected].